Marzena Tajchman


internal communications architect

Do you believe that people deserve to work for organizations where they are trusted and safe to trust?

I do. What’s more, I know it can be done and I trust (sic!) internal communications has a role to play to make this belief come true.

And that what this blog is about.

I’m Marzena Tajchman and I’m happy to welcome you to Części wspólne.

If you don’t speak Polish, you have to take my word that I write about internal communications, change management, engagement and trust. Here, I share my experience, know-how, hopes and doubts about the state of communication in our organizations.

Who am I to think I have something interesting to say?

As a child I wanted to become an architect but it turned out that I’m better with people than buildings. So I became an internal communications architect. I design internal communications flow so that people can express and hear each other. I prepare strategies, plans, tactics, tools or content that enhance the dialogue in organizations. I help senior managers to explain their vision. I assist HR departments in managing employee engagement. I support transformation leaders with change communications. I guide people beginning their way into internal communications. I shape communication in non for profit organizations so they succeed in developing a sense of community.

Let’s stay in touch.

I share more detailed resume on LinkedIn – feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to chat about internal communications over a coffee – especially if we can arrange a meeting in Geneva.

Marzena Tajchman
Internal Communications Architect